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Talia Luzzo

Talia Luzzo; Paxton, Massachusetts native, began her dance training at The Charlotte Klein Dance Centers in 2000. There, she trained in a variety of styles and danced competitively. Talia continued to pursue her passion for dance at the University of Arizona, receiving her BFA in Dance as well as a BA in communications. She graduated cum laude in the spring of 2020.

Due to the rise in Covid-19, Talia took a year off of dancing and performing and found her deep passion for teaching and shaping the next generation of dancers. She was fortunate enough to share her knowledge and passion at her home studio, Charlotte Klein Dance Centers. She began judging for World Class Talent Experience in 2022.

In October of 2021, she began her professional performance career dancing for the NBA, representing the Boston Celtics. Talia has moved onto the Concert Dance world where she will be dancing and performing with Giordano Dance Chicago. Giordano Dance Chicago is a legacy company, shaping the world of Jazz Dance.

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