March 9-10, 2021

10AM-1PM (CST) each day


As you progress from the Basic to the Beginning Level of this foundational dance technique, the pacing of the class, the complexity of the movement, and the increased focus on style become more challenging yet even more enjoyable.


The structure of the Beginning Level differs from the prior Basic Level as it adds more complexity and has four components which divides the class into two segments of 15 minutes, one segment of 10 minutes, and one segment of 20 minutes (15/15/10/20): Pre-Stretch, Floorwork, Center, Across the Floor.


Zoom credentials and NGCP® notes will be emailed to you at least one week prior to certification.  We recommend printing the notes so you can follow along throughout certification.


Upon completion of Beginning Level you will receive: 

  • NGCP® Official Certificate
  • NGCP® Facebook Community (Exclusive Access)
  • NGCP® Certified Logo 
  • History of Gus, Nan and the Company 
  • NGCP® link to merchandise 

Beginning Level Certification

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