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Zachary Morris, from Bay Area, CA, joined Giordano II in the second half of the 59th Season and is beyond excited to be back for the company's 60th anniversary. He is a graduate of the University of Michigan (U of M) School of Music Theater and Dance with a BFA, in addition to his degree in Women and Gender Studies from the U of M School of Language, Science, and the Arts. He has performed in works choreographed by Victor Quijada and Kara Davis, worked with Shannon Gillen and Vim Vigor at The University of Michigan, and performed with Alonzo King Lines Ballet. Zach danced with the Dance Legacy Project in Brandenburg Concerto NO. 4 by Dorris Humphrey, as reset by Jillian Hopper for the Library of Congress. He has also received recognition for his portrayal of Action in The Mountain Plays 2016 production of West Side Story.

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